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Brown Consulting Engineers, Inc.



Brown Consulting Engineers specializes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design, plumbing design, and electrical power and lighting design for commercial and institutional projects.

From simple packaged equipment to large central heating and cooling plants, central station air handling systems, and campus primary power systems, Brown Consulting Engineers has become the Texas Panhandle’s trusted leader in innovative engineering design. We believe it is crucial to identify, understand, and interpretBrown Consulting Engineers, Inc. the constraints on a facility to provide an engineered product that satisfies the needs of the project in all aspects, including comfort, longevity, performance, energy efficiency, maintainability and economics.

Our project history includes hospitals, detention centers, airports, schools, college classroom buildings, laboratories, museums, retirement centers and office buildings. We have extensive knowledge with many different HVAC systems, from large central air station designs to small single zone equipment. We also understand the intricacies of chilled and heating water systems, including design of several primary/secondary distribution systems, and variable primary flow central plant systems.

Brown Consulting Engineers has also left its mark on a number of renovations as well. Our team gives careful consideration to engineering mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, which are coordinated with general construction and existing conditions, while also meeting energy standards. This coordination can only be achieved with thorough surveys of existing facilities, and a substantial knowledge of building systems.

In addition to our innovation and ingenuity, Brown Consulting Engineers’ practical knowledge of control systems and application of Energy Management Systems rounds out our expertise. The firm has been involved in several Energy Management System retrofits on existing facilities, and has specified EMS solutions for many new facilities. Our thorough understanding of Energy Management Systems enables us to apply them properly and efficiently to maximize the benefit to the owner and maintenance staff.


Brown Consulting Engineers has worked on several Building Commissioning projects we are proud of, including laboratories, prisons, research facilities, and office buildings.

Through the years, Brown Consulting Engineers has fostered a reputation of providing trusted Building Commissioning services. Much like commissioning a Navy ship before delivery, Building Commissioning involves a systematic process for verifying, documenting and achieving the performance of a building and its systems to meet the design intent, along with the owner and occupant needs, before the building is ever occupied.

The benefits of Building Commissioning are infinite, not only to the owner, but its users and occupants. Building Commissioning verifies the facility operates in accordance with the design intent, helps to train the appropriate staff to operate and maintain the building according to the design intent, reduces occupant grievances, minimizes service calls, and provides documentation for operators and facility managers to support them throughout the life of the facility.

Our experience in building commissioning has also identified Brown Consulting Engineers as the “go-to” company for troubleshooting existing facilities and systems. Over time, a building simply no longer works properly because of age, improper maintenance, or modifications that do not comply with the original design intent. The result is occupant complaints and increased energy costs.  Our understanding of systems allows us to assess problem buildings, and identify the causes for improper operation.  Retro-commissioning can be very valuable to improve occupant comfort and reduce energy costs.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

HVAC Systems constitute the majority of the total energy consumption for commercial properties. Life Cycle Cost Analysis is a detailed method of simulating building systems based on actual weather data for an entire year of operation. Based on these simulations, and including factors such as replacement costs and maintenance costs, informed decisions can be made as to the best system for a building, based on owning and operating costs over the life of the building, instead of simple first costs.